No Event, Event 2021

Easterseals Michigan, EOTECH, and AFCO presents: No Event, Event - Lift the Winter Blues


Easterseals Michigan is hosting a No Event, Event to support those experiencing the “winter blues” which are amplified during this pandemic. We will forgo a virtual event as many people surveyed are tired of living a virtual life.

The No Event, Event will feature coping boxes for you and for someone in need utilizing the successful “Give One, Get One” model. Each coping box is filled with items hand selected by our chief medical officer and clinical staff to help people through these difficult times. To purchase a coping box please click on the blue "Tickets" button!

Examples of how to purchase the coping boxes:

$75.00 a la carte per Coping Box ($50 value per box) and ​includes a $25.00 donation
$125: "Lift the Winter Blues"
Donate 1 Coping Box OR Receive/Gift 1 Box (1 box valued at $50) & includes a $75 donation
$250: "Bring Joy"
Donate 1 Coping Box AND Receive/Gift 1 Box (2 boxes valued at $100) & includes a $150 donation

The items inside the coping box include:
  • Journal
  • Blanket
  • Lavender room scent
  • Tangle fidget toy
  • Scratch & Sketch
  • Hot Chocolate Bomb
  • Water bottle
  • Cordless jump rope
  • gel eye mask
In addition, 20 boxes containing a “Surprise and Delight” item valued at $200 or more will be randomly distributed to coping box recipients. The "Surprise & Delight" items are:
  • iPad
  • $200 Visa Gift Card
  • Fit Bit with $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Beats Headphones with $50 Amazon
One of these items may be yours! Could it be you?

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No Event, Event 2021

by No Event, Event 2021
Date & Time

Starts: Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 7:00 pm EST

Ends: Fri, Mar 05, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST

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